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The competition between chain games are gradually overheating : a large number of game projects have taken the wind of Axie, and have started large-scale financing or currency issuance, which greatly enhanced the overall financing valuation. Some chain game projects have quickly obtained considerable profits even if their launching of the game is still far away.This article, similar to the previous one on Solana, will discuss the chain game projects on BSC, and find the quality contentwith great potentials.

This article has a certain subjective color, and the game projects are not online yet. May the readers taken on a rational view.

Project name:My Neighbor Alice

official site:

Game typeSRPG, construction, simulation operation

Game tagVirtual Land, NFT Marketplace, Girl Style, free to play

Target gameAnimal Crossing

Game contentThe game is inspired by Animal Crossing, where players can buy virtual plots from Alice or on the market and trade a variety of in-game virtual items such as houses, decorations, animals, plants, etc.The overall game will not set rigid rules, players have high freedom to organize and participate in various activities or competitions, while the game introduces a prestige system to reward active landowners, such as the community council.


ALICE is the game's native token and can be used to purchase game items, stake, govern, and participate in in-game events for rewards.Using tokens allows early players to long hold tokens to grow with the project., Only stakers has the right to participate in the game's special content (DLC), such as opening a store;

NFT mortgage: When a user buys a NFT from the system, it retains part of the value that is locked into the mortgage account, and the user reserves the right to lock the value to sell the NFT back to the system.

NFT lease: Users can lease NFT to other players, and smart contracts can guarantee that the lessee cannot transfer NFT. Players can trade NFT in the in-game market or on other chains. Players can charge for the land and assets in the game, such as charging players who want to attend the island museum.

Play to earn:

  • Assets: platform sale, houses, animals, plants, decorations, etc., players can build the land through the combination of items.
  • Cost: Buying items will cost ALICE.
  • Revenue: NFT resale, NFT rent, staking revenue, selling tickets to other players.

Team Information: Team members come from Antler Interactive, a game studio, known for its game innovation. As a senior game field team, the mobile games it has developed are often rated as "Top AR Selection" in Google Play stores. Its team members all have rich experience in game creation, game token design and blockchain development, with strong overall strength.

Investors:NGC VenturesBitscale CapitalGenesis BlockKyros VenturesCoin99 VenturesAugment VenturesRarestone CapitalBtx CapitalX21 Digital, Asymm Ventures.


Brief commentMy Neighbor Alice's token ALICE was launched on March 15, the first day of trading was once worth more than $28. After that, the currency price went down all the way. The price is less than $11 at press day. The most fundamental reason is that the project lagged for too long, the time gap between the tokens release and the game launch is too long. So ALICE tokens have no intrinsic value to drive. Not that the game team is not strong, but the project is too aggressive in style.Even if the project is scheduled in the first quarter of 22, The ALICE stock accumulated in the early stage is also bound to affect the stability of the whole game’s economic model and have an impact on the player's game experience.

Putting the token economy aside, Chain game project itself is still of high quality. If the game goes online on the Steam platform, it will attract a large number of outside players. The design of the game mechanism is also nice to ensure that players outside the circle can experience the game normally without contacting the blockchain. In addition,the project’s deep game skills and the support of Binance to a certain extent, provides a potential for future outbreaksBut the success of Animals Crossing is partly based on the enhanced social willingness under the influence of the epidemic. The monotony of the game and the simple gameplay limited the development of the game itself. Whether moving the Animals Crossing to the blockchain will succeed is still unknown.


Project name:Defina Finance

official site:

Game typeStrategy games, card games, formation games

Game tagRound-based, quadratic dimension

Target gameOnmyoji

Game contentThe game is similar to Onmyoji, there are many hero NFTs and different NFTs divided into different factions and rarity. Each hero NFT has different skills and positioning, strong playability. Players have 4 people to form a team, different camps and character attributes have certain restraints, which can be reset by consuming FINA tokens. There are many attributes and strong randomness, and high composability. The game has PVE and PVP modes, and created another original "mining mode": similar to PVPseizing mining rights will improve the player’s consumption token reset attributes and buy advanced hero NFT and equipment. In addition, by seizing successfully, players can stake certain tokens to gain bonus, which ensures the reduction of circulation.


Game token FINA went online in October 13 on Pancakeswap. It can be used to buy hero NFT and weapons. the game has its own consumption mechanism, which can be used to reset hero attributes, weapon upgrades, stake to obtain additional income, etc. In the short run, the token supply is not high, after recycling the tokens players need to stake a large number of FINA tokens to receive income bonus.There may appear a rise in price due to insufficient supply, which can raise the entry threshold.

Play to earn:The in-game token earning methods mainly include PVE, PVP and mine snatching, in which PVE mainly provides hero NFT experience, supplemented by a few FINA. PVP wins bring ranking points and FINA, and the game will regularly give additional rewards according to the ranking. Mine snatching is the best means to earn token in the game. Players can enter four different pools according to the rarity of their NFTs and, by defeating the pool guardian and staking multiples times, pursue higher returns. Different level of revenues meet the needs of players at different levels. Players can decide how to participate in the mine snatching and stake according to the rarity and number of FINAheld, while the value of the rare NFT is bound to rise.

Team informationTeam members are distributed in Asia, Europe and Silicon Valley. The game team comes from traditional gaming companies with rich experience in game development and game economic model design.

Investors:OKEx Blockdream VenturesHuobi VenturesMetaverse LimitedBonfire UnionMoonwhale VenturesSeedifyMyie VCBitrise CapitalForesight VenturesRedLine CapitalRioFundPlutus.VCAmplio CapitalDutch Crypto InvestorsOracles Investment GroupHalvings CapitalCSP DaoNovabit CapitalAlpha Moon CapitalGolden ShovelInfinity CapitalKangaroo CapitalMeridian CapitalNEOPanewsRoseon  Tsing Tech CapitalCollin Star CapitalTitans VenturesAsteroid Capital


Brief commentFirst of all, the game picture quality is extremely high, compared with the chain games we have seen and recognize.Also, the team execution is strong. Other blockchain game projects which also launched in the end of October can hardly outperform Defina in terms of playability. Even if the big-budget games can launch on schedule in the first quarter of next year, the window period is enough to support Defina’s growth.

We mentioned it in the last Solana game summary, That the current chain game environment may not be suitable for too complex chain game. A chain game that is easy to use and difficult to master is more consistent with the needs of the audienceAnd Defianbetter meets the needs, The game rules design is simple, But the change and the combination are strong, Gold-digging players can play without thinking too much, And gamers can also experience the fun. In addition, the current audience of the chain game is mainly concentrated in Southeast Asian countries and regions, Defina's game model is better in line with the current game development of Southeast Asian countries, Just like Onmyoji was in China a decade ago.

Defina has designed a set of relatively perfect token consumption mechanism and lock mechanism, both gold players and game players have been better satisfied. Also it will not cause the situation of having too much tokennot consumed, accumulating throwing pressure.



Project name:Cradles

official site

Game typeRole-playing, action games

Game tag3AThe unreal engine、Metaverse

Target gameMonster Hunter

Game contentThe game is a large open world, With a vast number of pioneering soil, Early stage will prepare some novice missions for the player, Guide the players to explore gameplay, Such as hunting wild beasts and protecting villages from aggression. After playing to the wild world, you can observe the health condition of the area by clicking on the ecosystem, The system will advise players to hunt for specific species, This practice of improving the ecology of the game world is rewarded with additional Crystal. If players hunt the cherish-species, they will receive an order for arrest, which will guide the rest of the players into the wild for encirclement. players can also attack each other, the Crystals will be absorbed by the winner, but also improve the wanted index. at night, the beast may violently attack the city,and players will need to defend themselves.


There are two token economic systems in the game, One is the DRPC, Platform tokens for the game, In-game tests allow players to buy DRPC in exchange for admission tickets, It can also be used to buy the in-game item NFT. The other one is the Crystal, The Universal Currency within the Cradles gaming world, Available to buy items within the game world. There are also Hyper Crystal and Legendary Crystal, Hyper Crystal can be used to equip with demons, Legendary Crystal gives players additional personalized name colors; There is a certain exchange ratio between DRPC and Crystal, The DRPC is capped at 5 billion units, While the in-game token Crystal does not have a capped hardtop, Smart contracts automatically adjust the number of Crystal releases based on inflation or tightening, To adjust the exchange rate between the two tokens.

Play to earn:

  • PVEPlayers beat wild beasts to maintain ecosystem balance to acquire Crystal.
  • PVPKilling an opponent in a non-safe zone will drop a certain amount of Crystal, but at the same time may attract a large number of players by a reward mission.
  • City missionPlayers can get revenue by completing the NPC task, and when city governance reaches certain balance conditions, players can share the rewards from the city according to their contributions.

Team information:The team’s name is DRepublic,which put forward the ERC-3664 standard (a split combination of NFT form, the first time the concept was introduced into NFT, which is a new paradigm change), the team’s game director involved in the development of "empire era", and once developed a game alone which won the Steam’s best VP game award. the overall team strength is strong, and has experience in the field of games and blockchain development.

Investors:SfermionSpartan GroupHuobi VenturesLD CapitalSignum CapitalAnimoca BrandsRepublic RealmIBADWeb3 CapitalYoubi CapitalD1 Ventures. Angel investors include Polygon’s co-founder Sandeep NailwalDouble Peak Groups co-founder Michael KamDelphi Digitals Vice President of Operations Jeremy OngMask Network’s Founder and CEO Suji YanIlluvium’s co-founder Kieran Warwick and EPNS’s founder Harsh Rajat.



Brief comment:

If the most expected game on Solana is Star Atlas, its counterpart on BSC is undoubtedly Cradles. the scene described in the game is beyond the concept of the game, and is really close to the prototype of a prehistoric universe. NFT introduced in the game has the concept of time, which really makes Cradles become a breathing, self-developing metaverse.

The strong lineup of investment institutions has won the recognition and help of the majority of front-line institutions. This is rare even in the current chain game environmentCradles will surely obtain a powerful boost effect from capital support, which will help it compete with Star Atlas, and gain the majority of supporters in the 2022 chain game outbreak.

The problem of Cradles is similar to that of Star Atlas. The problems facing such a large and such a complex ecosystem will be difficult, and the cost of capital will be very huge. Whether the project can be perfectly produced as expected and launched as scheduled is a potential risk factor.



Project name:Cyber Dragon

official site:

Game typeCard games, nurture games

Game tagRound-based

Game contentThere are temporarily four types of professions in the game, each character corresponding to six character attributes, and players can challenge adventures by consuming a certain amount Gold to improve the character level and acquire equipment.The ultimate goal of the game is to challenge the ultimate Boss-CyberDragon.The Token paid by all players in the process of participating in the game will automatically enter the CyberDragon treasure. Challengers who succeed will receive the CyberDragon reward.After a successful challenge, the CyberDragon will be reborn and become stronger, continue to accumulate the treasure assets and wait for the player to challenge again.

TokenomicsThe game adopts a dual token mode, BNX and Gold respectively.BNX works to create characters, hero upgrades, material equipment and Challenge Dragon dungeon; Gold is an in-game token, the use of which includes hero upgrades, transport fee, buying potions (not available), and hiring other players to the team.

Main attributes income distribution diagram:

It can be said that the CyberDragon brings us a new token economic paradigm, Simple and clever; From the current token model, Players initially need to consume a large number of Gold to enter as an adventure and upgrade to improve thbenefits; From a adventure’s point of view, This is the only way the average player gets BNX, The number of GOLD dropped is mostly lower than admission tickets, and the required quantities dynamically adjusts for changes in Gold and BNX. The game will lock all the admission tickets into the treasure of the CyberDragon, avoiding the overissue of Gold.And the mechanism of random adventures is also interesting for players; From a working perspective, Players need to constantly upgrade their heroes to get higher returns, And the hero upgrade has a certain probability of direct destruction, It also has a mechanism of massive destruction; Such a good design guarantees the cycle of the economic model, There will be no unilateral backlog, And as the number of users increases further, tokens still have room for rise.

Play to earn:

The game can earn BNX and Gold through the adventure, players needs to pay attention to the original character’s initial attributes and grade bonus impact, the system will randomly generate monsters according to the difficulty of the prison. the battle process doesn’t need user’s operation, some adventure may encounter Boss, defeating the Boss can receive higher reward, battle victory can get adventure reward.

In addition to adventures, players can get Gold through daily work. Different kinds of work will have certain requirements for the corresponding occupation and attributes, the higher the hero’s attribute value, the more the number of gold coins it can earn.Failure to receive income for a long time will gradually reduce the hero’s income and would require appropriate reset; if the hero’s attribute value is low, income earned by doing part-time jobs will also be low.

Team informationTeam members were temporarily anonymous and no information was found. 


August 2021: Hero recruitment function, mining function, character upgrade function;

September 2021: new heroes, character destruction function, dungeon function, auction function, equipment function, treasure box lottery system;

October 2021: new hero role, hero skills function, player PK function;

November 2021: union system, escape game mode, hero PK cycle competition;

December 2021: Ultimate adventure, Mint Tax, Challenge mode, Hero Transfer;

January 2022: Cybertron Mainland, Castle, City War;

Brief commentIn fact, Cyber Dragon is not a Gamefi product for the time being. It is more like a Defi product with NFT. The player only needs to click the character card to work; but it is also because of simple operation and strong economic effect that may be loved by gold players,. And the fact that a single account can stake the characteristics of multiple NFT characters is greatly convenient for gold players and saving time.

There are mainly two risks at the time being, one is the treasure of the ultimate Cyberdragon. If the player wins the treasure in the future, the backlog of Gold will pour out and destroy the whole economic system, but the project can choose to extend the appearance of the ultimate adventure or make the treasure as a prize pool, from which the winner gets a small treasure regularly. another risk is from a large number of high-grade heroes, their regular selloff will continue to hit the market and cause bleed effect.


We think that the process of chain game is probably divided into three parts: the first part is a simple, fake chain game product dressed in Gamefi, Its essence is still through the pursuit of high returns in a short period of time, It may explode in popularity in a short time, but will certainly not last long; The second part is the traditional game standard of a few years ago: With a more beautiful picture and a variety of gameplay, Easy to play and difficult to master, As with Defina, Before the 3A blockbuster launches next year, it may occupy a considerable period of window, develop its own user base; The third part is to reach even beyond the current traditional 3A game level, with the emergence of prototype projects such as Star Atlas and Cradles.Moreover, I believe that under the mode of currency crowdfunding and the huge economic benefits, the development of chain games will far exceed the process of traditional games and take the lead in moving closer to the metaverse.

In the previous article, we mentioned that, The future belongs to a chain game platform, And the recent performance in the market also fully proved this —— more and more chain game platform projects emerged. The original chain game has also been transformed into a platform nature, One of the better performers is the platform"Gamefi"which hasn't yet launched any game but has grown to a full-circulation market value of more than $1 billion in less than a month since its issuance.Its token price rose more than 60 times since IDO;  Another early gaming platform GALA has also gained more than five-fold gains in nearly a month, And this project has already completed the platform construction and has begun to develop its own public chain GC; In contrast to this one, Sky Mavis——Development company for Axie Infinity is already far ahead. It developed its own side-chain Ronin, Built a game platform, ready to be filled with chain games. And with Axie's huge influence, the tremendous influx is easy to achieve.

For the current chain game or chain game platform, building its own public chain or side chain may not be the prioritypolishing their products is more important in the increasingly competitive chain game market. affected by the project itself and investors, chain game platform often stick to a single chain, promote the self-created chain games. Being so eager to split cake so early in the fame may not yield real success. For now, those who can expand the flow entrance and seize opportunities are the ones that will have the opportunity to grow into an industry leader.


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