Decentralized NFT Protocol Will Beat OpenSea

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I. Market Environment and User Needs

II. NFT Marketplace — Building Core Competitive Advantage to Meet Demand

  • Brand
  • Number of trading users
  • Transaction volume
  • New users and volume growth rate
  • Benefit distribution
  • The first-mover advantage of the brand is enormous, which makes OS endure, but there are still rising stars who can cut into the market vertically
  • In addition to cutting into verticals, another more viable way is to leverage the wealth effect.

III. NFT Tools — The Turning Point to Change the Competitive Landscape

IV. Foresee the Future — A Possible Breakthrough Solution for NFT Trading: A Truly Decentralized NFT Protocol

  • Listing order sharing model
  • Ecosystem composability — breaking boundaries
  • Low price
  • Protecting royalties

V. Conclusion

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