About Foresight DAO
Foresight DAO is a decentralized and autonomous investment research society group funded by foresight ventures. It adopts a decentralized and autonomous investment system to integrate industry research, project incubation and project investment. The whole community will participate in the project investment and share the project income. Community members with outstanding contributions can be encouraged by scholarships and have the right to run for council members.
The Foresight DAO Council adopts a rotation system to replace fresh blood, which aims to encourage community members who actively participate in community activities and have outstanding contributions. The Council has the right to make project decisions. Members of the whole community can initiate project voting by themselves. After the whole community expresses its opinions, it will be submitted to the Council for final discussion and resolution. If the decision is approved by the Council, each community member participating in the project discussion can get the project share. If the decision of the Council is not passed, community members can spontaneously form an investment fund to invest in the project in the name of foresight Dao and share it according to the reasonable actual contribution.
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