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Nov  10 , 2021

DeFi Strategy Researcher

    Foresight ventures is seeking qualified candidates for the position of DeFi Strategy Researcher. This position will be responsible for managing the Republic Realm & Foresight ventures Metaverse Fund—— a co-brand between our venture and the virtual asset management company Republic Realm. This role requires strong leadership and excellent communication skills to help us seize investment opportunities in the Metaverse.


  • Responsible for researching and formulating DeFi asset management strategies, operating procedures, and implementing risk control strategies.
  • Monitor key indicators of major Defi projects, including yield, locked value, capital changes, etc.
  • Track the movements of large wallets and analyze market sentiment and trends.
  • Able to evaluate DeFi contract security and vulnerabilities.


  • Familiar with existing mainstream DeFi products, able to research new products and track trends, have experience in DeFi asset management.
  • Careful and responsible, with keen observation and strong execution.
  • Bachelor's degree or above, strong English reading and writing skills.
  • Good information collection ability, experience in smart contract programming is preferred.

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